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Dayton Ohio Giant Scale Fly In






Don Ogren with his Great Planes Extra 300 powered with a OS Surpass 91. Don states that the OS is a great running engine well suited to the Extra 300.




Pictured above is Joe Hartley with his Balsa USA Citabria Pro powered with a Saito 150.  The Citabria is covered with Sig Koverall, primed with automotive acrylic lacquer and painted with Sig Dope.  For more information on painting click here 


Screaming Eagles Club members at the Dayton Ohio Giant Scale Fly Inn. Left to right are Steve Ragsdale, Dennis Anderson and Bill Pence.  All three of them along with Steve's wife Christine rode over on their motorcycles.


Joe Hartley's 40 size Cloud Dancer built from RCM plans.  Power is a Super Tigre 45 with a APC 11x6 prop. Covering is Goldberg Ultracoat.  The plane flies like a small pattern ship and grooves well.  Joe still needs to experiment with the control throws and set-up of this plane.


Joe Hartley preparing the Yard Bee for another flight while Andy overlooks the prep. 

The Yard Bee is a great for those impulsive flights on those perfect evenings when you only have less than 1 hour to fly.



Rod Collester's  Fiesler Storch built from Bob Holman plans.  Bob Holman sells a laser cut package of the critical parts with the plans to aide in assembly. Rod is powering his Storch with a four stroke of which displacement I am not sure of.  Covering will be Sig Koverall.


Tim Mills Great Planes Extra 330L, 101" wingspan.  It's powered by a BME 102cc engine and weighs in at 25 3/4 pounds   His Futaba 8AUS transmitter talks to a pair of Multiplex IPD receivers, that relay orders to 6 JR 8411 digital servos (180 oz-in each on 6 volts) and a pair of Hitec 605 regular servos.  It's also equipped with a TME smoke system.  This is a new plane for Tim and the more he flies it the better he gets. Picture and information provided by Tim Mills.


A Yard Bee evening.  Joe Hartley flipping the Norvel .061 to life while Danny  overlooks.  The Yard Bee kit was graciously donated by Cliff Hartley to his brother Joe.  The yard bee makes a great park flier with the Norvel.




The Sig Scale team of Mike Gretz and Claude McCullough at the 2001 Scale Nationals, Muncie Indiana. Claude seated in the middle appears to be taking off while Mike on the right is sawing logs.


Rod Collester of Avon Indiana with his Great Planes Cub.  This was Rod's first attempt at painting and he went all out.  The top of the plane has a star burst pattern similar to Hazel Sig's Clipped Wing Cub.  Rod used Sig Koverall along with Sig Dope and Acrylic Lacquer automotive paint.  The floats are detachable so that conventional gear can be installed.  It's nice to see someone come along who is willing to develop skills towards excellent craftsmanship shown here.



Bill Pence the Screaming Eagles Club President built this Pitts powered by a Saito 150.


Dennis Anderson our dedicated Screaming Eagles Club Treasurer with his Bruce Tharp Sky King.