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Screaming Eagles R/C Club

The Screaming Eagles R/C Club is located about five minutes down the road from my house so there are not many excuses to not fly on short notice.  The club caters mostly to Radio control but has room for a grass control line circle adjacent to the parking lot. The club has many fun activities throughout  the year and is geared toward the noncompetitive events. The runway is paved as is the pits and taxi ways.  The grass is kept short north of the runway for the softer landings.





Josh Mills ready to taxi

Josh Mills 1/4 scale Hangar 9 Cap is ready to taxi out to the runway It's an ARF, but was recovered in the Pepsi scheme, and is powered by a Super Tiger 2300 engine.  He uses a Futaba 8 channel radio. Josh is Tim Mills second cousin and attentive student.    Photo by Tim Mills. Thank you Tim for sending these photos and info along.


Josh Mills in action



Mika Woodward and his Hangar 9 1/3 scale Cap 232 ARF   It's powered by a ZDZ 80cc single cylinder gasser, JR 8103 radio is used for guidance. Photo by Tim Mills

Mika Woodward and his Cap 232


Hangar 9 1/3 scale Cap 232


Mika Woodward's Cap 232

Photo by Tim Mills


Mika waiting for runway clearanceMika Woodward waiting for Bob Maxwell's shoestring to take to the air before heading out to the runway. 


Tim Mills 1/3 Scale Extra 300 coming in for a rock solid landing.

Photo by Tim Mills


Mike Karnes Lanier Extra 300 XSMike Karnes' new plane, the 1/3 scale Lanier Extra 300 XS.  ZDZ 80cc engine for power and a JR radio.


Photo by Tim Mills


Scott Black's 1/3 Scale J-3 Cub
Here's a great picture of Scott Black's Sig 1/4 scale Cub and kids, Emma and Kyle.  A day at the photographers with his planes was a Father's Day present from his wife last year. Great looking kids, the cub isn't bad either.


Joe Wilkins and his Red Baron. Hey Joe bring some pizza out to the field sometime.
Joe Wilkins and his fabulous Red Baron Stearman biplane.  Joe is kind enough to treat us with a flight now and then with smoke.  The plane flies very scale like and is an attention getter. 



Plane Hold Down These plane restraints are installed in every pit at the Screaming Eagles field and are a great safety feature.  They easily lift off of the stab before taxing out of the pits.  Before starting the plane you make sure that there is no slack in the restraint to keep the plane from lunging forward.


Scott Black's North Star airplane is kitted by Balsa USA.  It is an amphibian, able to fly off water and snow when its removable landing gear are taken off. The Screaming Eagles newsletter editor Scott Black is at the controls while Jim Lutes pits.  Thanks to Tim Mills and Scott Black for the information on this plane. Balsa USA North Star


Bob Maxwell on flight line, heck no it doesn't get any better! Bob Maxwell flying one of his floater airplanes.  Bob enjoys flying all types of airplanes along with an occasional helicopter now and then.  Bob is also a flight instructor who has taught countless pilots.  Bob also runs the Boys School instruction program where some of the boys from the school are allowed stick time on one of the club trainers.

Steve Ragsdale prepping his Goldberg 300.  Power is a Y-S 120.  The airplane has plenty of power and draws a nice vertical line.  Steve is also known in the R/C Pattern circles and is a meticulous builder and flier.  Steve Ragsdale and his Goldberg Extra 300